Gen3 Levels

Our newest level design. Waterproof, dustproof, backlit and more!

Water and DustProof IP65 Certified

  • Hose off after concrete or muddy jobs
  • Dustproof for the dirtiest environment

Back Light

  • Horizontal vial glows
  • Easy-to-read in dim to no lighting

New front cover design

  • Larger buttons for gloved fingers
  • Easy-to-read buttons
  • Recessed mode button to prevent accidental changes
  • More rugged – drop tested to over 3 feet onto concrete floor

Guided Calibration Process

  • The industry’s most comprehensive field calibration
  • Returns the level to factory accuracy for all 360°
  • One button push then the level takes over
  • Audible beep to indicate ready to move to next step
  • Display shows orientation for next step with the word “UP”
  • Takes less than 2 minutes

Five Instant Angle Conversion Modes

  • Degrees - Machine set-up, pipe bending, saw set-up
  • Percent Slope - ADA ramps, hand rails, curbs, landscaping
  • In/ft Pitch - Fractional rise/fall over one foot run for plumbing, gutters,
  • Digital in/ft Pitch - Digital rise/fall over one foot run for easy use in application specific formulas
  • Mm/m Pitch - Metric readout for non-in/ft applications

New 72 Inch Length that is Perfect For

  • door frames
  • long spans, concrete forms
  • drainage
  • application specific formulas
GEN3 Levels
Model # Description
92500 Gen3 23-5/8" (60cm) SmartTool Level
92515 Gen3 23-5/8" (60cm) SmartTool Level W/Case
92505 Gen3 47-1/4" (120cm) SmartTool Level
92520 Gen3 47-1/4" (120cm) SmartTool Level W/Case
92672 Gen3 72-1/3" (183cm) SmartTool Level
92683 Gen3 72-1/3" (183cm) SmartTool Level W/Case