A Brief History of Us!

The history M-D Building Products and Smart Tool Technologies



The MD story begins in 1920 with L.A. Macklanburg, a German immigrant to the state of Oklahoma. Frustrated with the insidious red dust that was constantly blowing into the house through every tiny crack and crevice around the door and windows, Macklanburg devised a solution: spring-flange weatherstripping. This became the company’s very first product. Macklanburg believed he would be successful if he provided quality products at a fair price with unquestioned service. M-D continues to focus on “old fashioned” values that give the company its reputation for quality, products selection and customer service.


Smart Tool

The M-D Building Products SmartTool family is one of the pioneers in 360 degree angle measurement. Beginning in 1987, Wedge Innovations, invented, developed, manufactured, and marketed the custom liquid inclinometer used in the SmartLevel electronic digital level, sold through professional tool retailers worldwide. In 1992, Wedge was purchased by M-D Building Products, then Macklanburg-Duncan, a leader in contractor grade levels. For the last 25 years M-D has continued to grow the market for electronic angle measurement and is the market leader in this technology. Still the most accurate, affordable, inclinometer sensor in digital levels today, it is made in the M-D Building Products Headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.



M-D and SmartTool Products can be purchased at a retailer near you. For information about your nearest retailer, contact us using the links above.

Why SmartTool?


Hours of battery life, which is 50x times most competitors!.


Well over 2.5 million SmartTool Levels Sold!.

360 Degree Accuracy