GEN2 Levels

SmartTool Digital Levels

Dependable, Accurate, Measures All Angles

Directional beep

  • Guides you to your angle so you don’t have to see the level
  • Beep rate increases as angle is approached
  • Steady beep when angle achieved
  • Changes tone when gone too far
  • Perfect for shimming cabinets, leveling pool tables

Angle Copy

  • Hold button freezes angle to be copied
  • Readout shows the frozen angle
  • Directional Beep begins when copied angle is approached
  • Arrows show direction to copied angle

Alternate zero

  • Hold button freezes angle to be copied
  • Alt 0 button change frozen angle to the new zero reference
  • Directional beep engages if activated
  • Eliminates math when adding or subtracting from an angle
  • Use for bending pipe, setting rafters, relative angle changes

Glowing horizontal vial

  • No batteries required
  • Any light source charges the vial
GEN2 Levels
Model # Description
92288 23 5/8" (in/ft) SmartTool Level
92379 23 5/8" (in/ft) SmartTool Level W/Case
92908 24" SmartTool Carry Case
92296 47 1/4" (in/ft) SmartTool Level
92325 47 1/4" (in/ft) SmartTool Level W/Case
92924 48" SmartTool Carry Case